Salaried Employee Benefits

(Health, Dental and Vision Insurance) DRT will pay your monthly premium and you will be responsible for your dependents.

(All vacation is earned on employee’s anniversary date)

  • 2 weeks per year after 1 year of service
  • 3 weeks per year after 5 years of service
  • 4 weeks per year after 8 years of service

Note: Maximum Vacation Carryover into the next year is 1 week


  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Gratis Days
5 per year, eligible after 6 months of employment

All hours paid at appropriate FLSA and State Labor rates

(Must have prior management approval)

  • 100% reimbursement on computer related courses with a grade "C" or higher
  • 50% reimbursement for books, for a grade "C" or higher on computer related courses
  • Eligible for all in-house education

Hourly Employee Benefits

Eligible to participate in Health, Dental and Vision Insurance plans. Cafeteria style – you can select coverage for one type of insurance or all insurance plans. Three levels of coverage available –Health Savings Account (HSA) plan, Traditional plan or Premium plan. Spouse and Dependent coverage also available.

All hours paid at appropriate FLSA and State Labor rates

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